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Louisiana, The Sportsman’s Paradise State.
Our headquarters is in the New Orleans metro area, near the Gulf Coast. You may have heard of our sister company, Home Run Fishing Charters and Lodging in Venice, LA. They’ve hosted professional fishing tournaments and live televised events.

Collectively, we share the same passions as you - we are wildlife adventurers.
Our staff is mainly composed of Louisiana natives who’ve learned from their legacy leaving ancestors, dating back centuries. Farmers, traders, hunters, fishermen and more who’ve explored the state’s natural wonders. Part of our staff also includes people who have moved here from other states. From the Midwest plains, to desert terrains, and even overseas.

The world is meant to explore, and our bodies were meant to move in it.

We’ve fished inshore, offshore, deep saltwater, fly plus fresh water styles. We’ve sailed big fish boats far off coast, sat at docks, bays on a lake shore, and waded in swampy bayous. Some have explored a variety of territories for game as well, in state and out of state. We’ve explored forests, mountains, desert and near arctic temperature locations. We go camping, hiking, biking, kayaking, go to the beach, get muddy, lift weights and dance.

Dress for the occasion
Each item is inspected by our knowledgeable team for quality functionality. Not only do we know how to dress for sports, we’re known to dress up for our numerous music and food festivals throughout the year, down here in N’awlins.

Fresh Caught and Famous Food
Worldwide, New Orleans is known for its jazz music, as well as, tasty cuisine. On any given day, you’ll smell some tasty flavors from home cooking to fine dining recipes. Smoked, stuffed, dried, fried, grilled, charbroiled, baked, boiled, filleted and more, each flavored up with unique blends of seasonings.

Top chefs and foodies rely on freshness to represent us well. So, we truly understand what fresh wild caught seafood or game should look like, taste like, and where they’re found around here.

Not only do we enjoy new experiences, many of us participate in conservation efforts to continue wildlife preservation. Without it, we would not be able to continue spending time in it, appreciating its bountiful beauty. Because our state is composed of a vast variety of wildlife species, there are continual action organizations growing from local, state and federal influences. Many of these agencies work with the fish and wildlife gaming community.