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Whether you are an expert kayak angler or just starting out, there are things you should always consider when looking to buy a fishing kayak. There are also going to be features that might not necessarily help when fishing inshore, but definitely come in handy when you are offshore in saltwater. Read on to find out what you should consider before choosing your new saltwater fishing kayak and what is the best saltwater fishing kayak of 2019!


Stability is one of the most important things to look for in any kayak purchase, but especially when you are planning to be in open water. Remaining stable while reeling in a giant fish becomes even more difficult when you are also battling turbulent waves and windy weather. A large fish on the line can pull you for miles and even change direction. Plus these fish can attract larger predators like sharks which can definitely cause some movement for the kayak.

Generally kayaks that are wider and longer are going to be more stable. Also a longer kayak will be faster. Most anything shorter than 12 feet will have too low of a squat and anything over 14 feet will become too hard to maneuver.

It is important to consider the hull of the kayak as well. Rounded or V shape hulls are going to be more stable in rough offshore water than a flat bottom kayak.


Another important thing to consider when choosing a saltwater fishing kayak is going to be propulsion. When you are offshore, you will have rougher waters to battle and will need to be able to get from place to place as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Luckily there are now hands free pedal-drive kayaks on the market which can be an offshore anglers best friend. In most cases, anglers lower bodies are going to be more powerful than their upper bodies. Pedal-drive kayaks allow for you to use your strong lower body which frees up your arms for the rod to cast and reel in fish! An electric motor is also another option to increase efficiency of propulsion and allow for more focus and energy on catching fish.


Whether you are used to fishing from a boat or kayak fishing inshore, having plenty of storage becomes even more important when kayak fishing offshore. Not only will you need storage space for your bait and tackle box in order to fish, but also for food and drink. Getting out on the water offshore in a kayak is much more difficult than getting out on a boat which means you will not want to have to paddle back to shore for any supplies you forgot or did not have room for. Not to mention with the current and fish potentially pulling you miles off track, you may very well end up out on the water longer than planned and will need plenty of room to store food and water. There is nothing worse than being dehydrated or having little to no energy as a result of being hungry during a long day of fishing.

In addition to fishing gear and food supplies, it is incredibly important to have safety equipment when going offshore in kayak. You will always want to have a life vest, VHF radio, whistle and first aid kit.

Sit On Top Kayak

While sit on top and sit inside kayaks both have their pros and cons, a sit on top is the way to go for the ocean fishing kayak. They are safer when out in the middle of deep and possibly rough waters. If they roll over they will not fill up which makes it easier to get back into. Also sit inside kayaks limit your movement while you are casting and reeling in fish. Sit on top kayaks allow for much more movement and adjustment for fishing.


Having a comfortable seat is one feature that is important no matter what type of fishing you are doing. While some cheaper kayaks have built in plastic seating which is less than ideal, plenty of kayaks offer lawn chair type seating. These are far more comfortable and are adjustable. Raised seating also adds to comfort by allowing you to bend your legs. This takes the pressure off of your lower back.




-      While its not necessary, it is always nice to have a waterproof camera to take photos since you will most likely be out alone.

-     Purchasing a push pin or power pole in order to anchor your kayak can save you quite a headache when trying to reel in a fish.  

-     Always wear UV clothing since there will not be any shade on the open water.

-     Always tell a friend or loved one when and where you are planning on taking your kayak out.

The Best Saltwater Fishing Kayak: HOBIE MIRAGE PRO ANGLER 12



Mirage drive 180 Powered With St Turbo Fins

Vantage Seating System With BOA Lumbar Support

Guardian Retractable Transducer Shield

H-Rail For Fishing Rods & Accessories

Standing Platform Deck Pads

Pivoting Tackle Management System

Front And Mid-Boat Carrying Handle

Anchor Trolley System Ready

Front And Center Hatches

Grip Pads

Rudder Control And Access

Mesh Stowage Pocket

Livewell-Ready Cargo Area

Rod Holder



Length: 12'

Width: 36"

Height: 20"

Weight Capacity: 500 lbs

Vantage Seat Capacity: 350 lbs

Fitted Hull Weight: 105 lbs

Fully Rigged Weight: 128.5 lbs

Hull Construction: Rotomolded Polyethylene

What to Wear While Kayaking

You should wear performance fishing shirts when you plan to spend hours on the water in the heat, rain, or cold. The fishing apparel you choose ultimately affects your performance and health.  Long sleeve fishing shirts should have UV protection, moisture-wicking, anti-odor, quick dry, and ventilated features. You should also have fishing shorts with multiple deep pockets, 4-way stretch, moisture-wicking and stain resistance fabrics. Sun protection is extremely important, especially if you fish frequently.

Finding the best fishing brands was difficult until now. Apparel By Home Run makes its fishing shirts with the best quality fabric to help with fishermen performance. They use new performance technology and fabrics that keep fishermen comfortable and efficient on the water for hours.


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