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What is the Best Bait for River Fishing?

What is the Best Bait for River Fishing?

What is the Best Bait for River Fishing?

Are you new to freshwater fishing? Eager to catch some catfish or smallmouth bass? Many fishermen agree that there are a variety of baits that can be successful when river fishing. The consensus is that live bait is often best for river fishing, but different types of bait can be used to catch different freshwater fish. So which river fishing bait is the best? What should you use?

What Type of Fish Will You Catch in Rivers?  

Rivers and streams are bodies of freshwater that are naturally flowing. Catfish, bass, and carp are among the fish that one might find when fishing in a river. These fish are typically bottom feeders and can be tricky as they like to hide in nooks and crannies along the river to take shelter from predators. Before you get settled in, check out the river for spots with rocks or over hangings for the best chance to catch hiding fish. Freshwater fishing is typically at its best in the early morning or evening, but you can catch these fish at any time of day. For more tips on river fishing, check out this video to see a fisherman in action: Where to Find Fish in a River or Stream.

What Bait Should I Use?

No matter what bait you choose, don’t forget to pay attention to the current and cast upstream so your bait looks natural. Here are a few of the top bait choices for river fishing:


Worms are a solid choice of bait for all freshwater fishing. Nightcrawlers and earthworms are particularly good for catching bottom feeders like bass and catfish. Manure worms are best for trout fishing. One trick when using worms as bait is to only use part of the worm on your line so smaller fish don’t nibble without biting. Make sure to thread the worm completely and you’re good to go!


Minnows are another effective bait option for freshwater fishing. These tiny fish can be purchased or caught on your own and come in many sizes. Choose your minnow size based on the size of the fish you aim to catch, saving the larger minnows for catching bigger fish like bass. Additionally, cutting minnow bait can entice fish towards your hook with a stronger scent and make them more likely to bite. This is particularly true for fish like carp and catfish.

Dough balls

Dough balls are an alternative to live bait that many fishermen find effective. Dough balls are fishing bait made of flour, cornmeal, and some sort of flavoring. These can be found in stores, particularly under the popular brand Powerbait, but you can also make your own with simple recipes. Dough balls are most often used to catch carp and catfish and some fishermen swear by them.

Other Bait Options

These are just a select few of the many effective bait options for river fishing. Other popular options include insects, crawfish, leeches, and fish roe.

Is Protective Fishing Clothing Important?

People forget about the importance of performance fishing shirts . When you spend hours on the water in the heat, rain, or cold, the apparel you choose ultimately affects your performance. You need men’s fishing shirts that have UV protection, moisture-wicking, anti-odor, quick-dry, and ventilated features. You should also have fishing shorts with multiple deep pockets, 4-way stretch, moisture-wicking and stain resistant fabrics. Skin cancer is very dangerous, and wearing 50+ UV sun protection clothing for fishing shields skin from harmful rays.

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