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What is Poly HD? (a quick tip)

What is Poly HD? (a quick tip)

Ever wonder what is Poly HD? You see it all over clothing but your shaking your head thinking "I don't even know what that is.." Well we are here to tell you!


The boat is at the dock, all the gear is ready, and it’s time for some big game fishing.

Out on that ocean, nothing compares thrill of reeling in a prize Yellow Fin Tuna or tackling a giant Mahi.

That thrill is the highlight of the fishing rush, and it keeps going all day long, but so does the sun. So, on the water, while the fish keep coming in, those UV rays do, too.


That’s where a Poly HD shirt prevents the sun damage, prolongs the trip, and protects skin (polyHD, 2013).

This performance attire is able to do this, through its fabric design qualities, sun protection technology, and years of tested durability (polyHD, 2013).

Reel back the clock!

Did you know that polyester was renowned as a wonder fabric? Polyester first came out in Europe, under the name Terylene.

After years of reinventing, this non-wrinkle, color-fast fabric came to the USA in the 1950’s. By this time, it surged in the fashion industry.

Though it’s seen some rough spots through time, it’s a major element in sportswear and outdoor gear today (Gargulinski, 2017).

Polyester is The Jack of All Trades.

No matter what a fisherman’s skill level is, power, comfort, and durability are what makes a proper performance shirt. Polyester combined with colorfast technology equals a fishing shirt with extreme air flow.

Plus, it gives the option of sporting an original, printed design (polyHD, 2013).

It’s not just a super fabric. It’s science!

Polyester is made from lightweight, strong, spun fibers (Encyclopedia Britannica, 2014). These fibers, from its chemical construction, provides versatility, so it’s crafted into things, like throwaway soda bottles, permanent-press fabrics, and tons of enamel paints (Encyclopedia Britannica, 2014).

So, if you take this wonder fiber, and put it in a shirt, think of how much stability on the surf it can give.

You can grab one of our best selling Poly HD shirts.

It’s ideal for outdoorsman and athletes.

Love to swim? It’s hydrophobic (What is Polyester, 2015).

Ready for that winter jog? It’s insulating (What is Polyester, 2015).

All set for bench presses? Do as many as you want. The fabric is resistant to wrinkles (What is Polyester, 2015).

From hunting, fishing, or jumping hurdles, polyester has your back, and it’s
keeping you cool!

So, what’s the big deal?

The big deal is that you want big fun. And you should have it!

Whenever there’s a lot of fun involved, you’ll want a shirt that can go all day, just like you.

What’s a fisherman to do?

The sun is relentless on your skin. The humidity is killer. And, even though the wind is brisk, all that salt from the waves fades your clothes.

To prevent all that, you need some UV fishing shirts your life.


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