What Fish should you be Fly Fishing for?

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What Fish should you be Fly Fishing for?

Fly fishing is always a really good time. There’s something so mesmerizing about watching the process; an angler wearing waders standing in knee-deep water and tossing a line out into the water, pulling it back, and tossing it out again – over and over again.

Fly fishing is a very specific method of angling. When you picture this type of fishing, babbling water, lush woods, and open skies usually comes to mind. In other words, this method of angling is usually associated with fresh water fishing.

While yes, many fishermen use fly fishing as a way to catch freshwater fish, the method can also be used to catch saltwater fish. Fly fishing can be
used to catch a wide range of fish – both in fresh water and in salt water.

If you’re interested in taking up fly fishing, you might be wondering what species of fish, in particular, you should be using this method to catch. The short answer: any type of fish.

To give you a better idea of what type of fish you can catch with the fly fishing method of angling, here’s a list of species that fishermen often use this method to catch.

Freshwater Fish Species

Fly fishing is often associated with freshwater fish, like lakes, streams, and rivers. Some of the most common freshwater species that anglers set out to catch while fly fishing include:

  •  Trout
  •  Pike
  •  Bass
  •  Carp
  •  Salmon
  •  Grayling
  •  Sunfish

Saltwater Fish Species

Don’t assume that fly fishing is reserved just for fresh bodies of water; this method is also a great way to catch several different types of saltwater fish. You can certainly catch a variety of marine species using this method; in fact, fly fishing is one of the easiest ways to catch several different types of saltwater
fish, including:


  •  Tarpon
  •  Redfish
  •  Striped bass
  •  Bonefish
  •  Snook

Thanks to the advances in fishing technology and the stronger, more durable rods and reels that are available, you can also catch larger species of predatory marine species with fly fishing, such as:

  •  Marlin
  •  Tuna
  •  Wahoo
  •  Barracuda
  •  Sailfish

You can even use fly fishing to catch some species of sharks!

Fly Fishing: The “Catch-All” Angling Method

Essentially, you can target any species of fish – freshwater and saltwater – with fly fishing. As long as you are effectively mimicking the source of food for the species that you are trying to catch with your fly and you are using the appropriate gear (and techniques), you can catch all types of fish.

Since this method can be used to successfully capture so many different species of fish, it can really be considered a “catch-all” angling method. So, go ahead and grab the right gear, practice your technique, and see what you can reel in!

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