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What Are the Best Fishing Spots in Charleston?

What Are the Best Fishing Spots in Charleston?

What Are the Best Fishing Spots in Charleston?

When people think of Charleston, South Carolina, they picture a beautiful, southern, historic city with warm weather and impressive architecture. While fishing isn’t typically associated with the “Holy City,” it should be. Charleston boasts some of the best fishing spots on the East Coast and local anglers know the treasures that lie here. 

The most popular catch in Charleston is Red Drum, but a wide variety of species can be found in Charleston's waters. To help you find a great spot for your trip, here are 5 of the best fishing spots in Charleston!

1. Folly Beach Pier

Located on Folly Island at the southern end of Charleston, this coastal pier is a popular attraction for South Carolinians.

A wide range of fish are up for grabs here, making this spot an angler’s paradise. Of course, you’ve got plentiful Red Drum for beginners, but more experienced anglers can find Cobia and Kingfish throughout the waters here as well. Regulars claim that if you fish near the lighthouse, you’re bound to go home with some Trout or Bluefish. 

With a well-stocked tackle shop within walking distance, this pier provides everything you could need to have the perfect day of fishing!

2. Mt. Pleasant Pier 

One of the longest fishing piers in the Southeast, this 1,250-foot pier stretches across the Cooper River. This fishing spot is an excellent choice for families and children because it is home to Memorial Waterfront Park with a playground and picnic area.

This by no means makes Mt. Pleasant an amateur fishing spot, though. Experienced anglers know that Mt. Pleasant offers Cobia, Flounder, Seabass, Speckled Trout, and, of course, Red Drum. There’s even a fishing tournament held here every year if you’re feeling competitive!

Mt. Pleasant also has a tackle shop where you can buy tackle and gear. You don’t need a fishing license at this pier, so fish away!

3. Breach Inlet 

A spot known for its beauty and danger, this inlet is a one of a kind spot in Charleston where locals love to fish. The inlet is tucked in between Sullivan’s Island and Isle of Palms, just 20 minutes from downtown Charleston. 

Before you head out to fish here, though, be warned. The water is deep, making it the perfect place to find Mullet, Bluefish, and Flounder, but there are significant dangers here as well. The intense force of the currents at Breach Inlet has caused many accidents in the past, so it’s very important to stay out of the water and follow the rules on signs posted around the inlet.

4. Pitt Street Bridge 

Beautiful views of Fort Sumter and Charleston Harbor make this another top fishing spot in Charleston. Also known as the Pickett Park Bridge, this is a great area for a relaxing stroll or a productive day of fishing! 

Anglers love this bridge because it is aligned with the intracoastal waterway which means an endless trail of fish ready to be caught! While tons of fish species can be caught here, including Flounder and Sea Trout, the most popular catch at the Pitt Street Bridge is actually Blue Crab! Fishing and crabbing here is a great way to get a true taste of Charleston. 

5. Charleston Jetties 

The jetties at Charleston Harbor Inlet are a hot spot for the best and most experienced anglers. Known for their choppy waters and exciting catches, those who choose to fish here must be up for a challenge.

This spot is very popular amongst Charleston locals for producing Mackerel, Seatrout, Tarpon, and especially sharks. High winds and choppy waters can make fishing here dangerous at times, so if the weather looks too rough, you can always come back on a calmer day. 

For more detailed information about the strategy of fishing at the Charleston Jetties, check out this article

*Some of these locations have closures or restrictions due to COVID-19. Check the location’s website before heading out to fish!


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