UPF Fishing Apparel: Why Am I Still Getting A Sunburn?

UPF Fishing Apparel: Why Am I Still Getting A Sunburn?

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Performance fishing apparel is only amazing if it includes the highest rated sun protection on the market. 

If you've ever gotten a BAD sunburn you KNOW it can ruin successful trip on the water..

Needless to say... all anglers need to be fully-guarded from the sun’s harmful UV rays, especially while fishing from the boat. (Just ask our wives)

But why..?

Because the power of the sun intensifies due to the glare (light reflecting off water) making us much more susceptible to skin damage.

So, if you don't have the latest gear with UPF 50+ protection - or no protection at all - this technology could literally change your life... AND prevent an unfortunate trip to the dermatologist!

Check out the chart below to better understand UPF ratings:


Now we're going to look at a few different solutions below:


There are many options to choose from when it comes to protecting your head and neck from the sun. Only a few pieces can keep you cool and protected while helping you combat hot temperatures.


Long-Billed Hats: Essentially, wearing any type of ball cap is better than none. Regular caps are good, but long-billed hats work much better as they cover your face with more shade. At apparel by home run, our hats are engineered with revolutionized sun protection features that make it easy to shield your neck, face, and head with a single piece of clothing. 
Solar Masks and Cape Caps: Want optimal shielding from UV rays? With protection for your face and neck, our Solar Masked Home Run Hats, made with lightweight fabric, provide enhanced stretch and recovery to keep you cool, dry, and in the shade. 



Thankfully, long sleeve fishing shirts with UV sun protection can block the majority of the sun’s harmful rays on your upper body. A high-quality fishing shirt with a UPF 50+ rating will guarantee you the highest protection from UV radiation.

Shirts: Choosing lightweight, UPF 50+ long sleeve shirts will protect your upper body and will help you stay cool, dry, and comfortable—even in direct sun. Our fishing shirts block up to 98% of the sun’s harmful rays.

Sun Protection Gloves: Sun gloves come in multiple varieties and if you spend a lot of time fishing or out on the boat, they can be incredibly beneficial. A pair of gloves will cover the backsides of your palms and protect your hands from the harsh, direct sun that leads to skin problems. Additionally, you want lightweight gloves with cooling fabric and moisture-wicking features to enhance gripping action and flexibility as well.

So how does a UV fishing shirt protect you?   

"They're very tightly woven to prevent the penetration of UV rays through the fabric," Allison Arthur, MD, a Florida-based dermatologist said when discussing UV clothing. “It's like walking around in the shade all day, without actually needing to be in the shade.”



During warmer months most anglers prefer to wade fish in a pair of shorts. Although shorts may seem more appropriate, a pair of lightweight, quick-drying fishing pants are a much better alternative to shield your legs from UV rays—especially in coastal regions.

Shorts: If you do choose shorts, go with longer ones that cover your thighs and knees. This is especially important for boat anglers, as your thighs will fry like a lobster in the sun if they’re not covered efficiently. It’s best to wear lighter colored clothing rather than darker colors and always choose lightweight, breathable, quick-drying fabrics.



Whether you’re out on the water or in the woods, sun protection is a precaution every angler needs to take seriously. Even in the cooler months, bright sun and glare can severely harm your skin, regardless of the temperature outside. That’s why it’s important to take extra steps to shield your skin.

In summer months, heading to the lake in a short-sleeve shirt may feel nice, but the sunburn it can cause is not ideal. If you’re directly exposed to the blistering sun season, it could lead to an unwanted trip to the doctor and a diagnosis no one wants to hear. So, protect yourself fully from the sun and appreciate your experiences on the water from here on out!



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