Understanding Your Weighted Bobber Rig

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Understanding Your Weighted Bobber Rig

Traditional bobber rigs are among the most commonly used fishing rigs. For most anglers, the bobber rig is their go-to when they start rigging a rod. In fact, even if you’ve never fished before, when you think about fishing, images of a red and white plastic bobber sitting on top of the surface of the water are probably what comes to mind.

But traditional bobbers aren’t the only option available; there’s another type of bobber available, and it’s referred to as a weighted bobber. You might have noticed these bobbers when you are at the bait shop or fishing supply store, but forewent choosing them for your traditional bobber.

That’s probably because you don’t really know what a weighted bobber is and what the purpose of this type of rig is.

If you’re wondering what a weighted bobber rig is and why anglers use it, keep on reading.

Below, we offer an overview of this type of rig so that you can add it to your tackle box.

What is a Weighted Bobber?

Weighted bobbers are pretty much what they sound like: a heavier bobber. Generally, these bobbers feature a small ring close to the bottom of the structure, which adds weight to it. The extra weight allows the bobber to stand more erect on the surface of the water.

When the bobber stands straighter, it’s more visible. Visibility is particularly important when using a light bait that might not have enough weight
to allow the bobber to stand properly.

There’s another purpose for the extra weight: it allows you to cast your line further, and more accurately. It makes sense, if you think about it. Traditional bobbers are pretty lightweight and are hard to cast out very  far.

Plus, even the slightest wind can significantly affect the accuracy of your cast. If the bobber is heavier, you’re going to have more control over it, and you’re going to be able to cast it farther.

When to Use a Weighted Bobber

So, what type of situations would call for a weighted bobber? Any! You can use weighted bobbers to catch pretty much any species of fish. You can also use them to fish in just about any type of water. You can use them in streams, rivers, lakes, ponds; you name it.

However, most anglers agree that the best use for a weighted bobber is wade fishing. It really helps to simplify the process and improves your ability to catch your targeted fish.

Should You Use a Weighted Bobber?

If you usually use traditional bobbers, you might be wondering if you should give a weighted bobber a try. It really depends on your personal preferences, what type of setting you are going to be fishing in, and what species of fish you are targeting.

We strongly recommend giving a bobber with weight added to it a try. You might be pleasantly surprised to see how easy it is to use, and how much it can improve your fishing experience!

If you interested in a weighted bobber. Check out the Boss Weighted Slip Bobber and Shop Karls.

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