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Home Run Charters Tuna Fishing in Venice Louisiana

Tuna Fishing In Venice Louisiana

Have you ever wanted to go on a tuna fishing adventure?

If so, Venice, Louisiana aka “Tuna Town” is home to some of the most outstanding big-game fishing in the world.  

It will be tough to find another destination in the US that offers anglers a greater chance to catch Yellowfin, Bluefin, and Blackfin tuna throughout the year. Tuna fishing in Venice, Louisiana is an experience like no other and is a proper test of strength and endurance. You can catch yellowfin upwards of 240 pounds. So, if you’re looking for a battle, add this destination to your bucket list!

Needless to say, tuna fishing is an incredibly exciting experience. That is the reason why people all over the world, after comparing the popularity of different fish species, believe that tuna stands out as the most widespread species to target. The commercial value of these fish is very high because apart from being fished for recreation, they make tasty seafood dishes. And if you land a monster, you’ll have a freezer stocked with sashimi for weeks!

While tuna fishing is a great recreation for many people, many others make their living from tuna fishing. You can have excellent results if you consider the following points:

The main point about tuna fishing in Venice, Louisiana is that you should be able to control your speed. The agility of the fish requires this. If you cannot control your speed, you cannot catch tuna with your baits.

The key is to find the right captains that have the expertise to help you land a true trophy. Because they make a lot of disturbances on the surface of water, locating a school of tuna can actually be an easy task. You can take on a drifting tactic or trolling strategy to catch various species of tuna.

Drifting is about throwing large pieces of live bait to attract them and trolling is adopted by gradually pulling the bait hook in the water to attract these fish. Though, the main thing to remember is that actually landing a big tuna can be more difficult than one might expect. It’s important to learn a few techniques before grabbing the pole.

Venice, Louisiana coast is among the few places in the world that offers a year around tuna angling season. For this reason, you can book a tuna fishing trip with Home Run Charters during any time of the year. All through the winter, tuna can usually be found at the infamous midnight Lump, about 50 miles off the coast of Venice in Louisiana.

If you’re ready for the ultimate fishing experience in Venice, Louisiana, book a trip with Home Run Charters. Call us at (504) 909-TUNA.

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