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Top 5 Best Trolling Motors

Top 5 Best Trolling Motors

Top 5 Best Trolling Motors:

A tolling motor is a boat motor that runs on battery and is attached either at the bow or stern. There is a handle to steer the boat and a speed control feature directly on the handle. Another option is to get an electric boat motor that offers pedals to pilot and control the speed; this is a better option when handling fish. Whether you’re looking for a kayak motor or boat motor, you’ll find the best trolling motor for you.

1. Minn Kota Endura C2 30 Freshwater Transom Mounted Trolling Motor

Here is the best trolling motor for freshwater fishing. This trolling motor is great if you’re looking  for a high voltage freshwater5 motor with a transom-mounted trolling system. This is a very quiet motor, but there are vibrations. Battery life lasts about eight hours. Thus mounted trolling motor needs a 12-volt deep cycle battery, which is something to think about!


Great Features: 

• 6-inch telescoping handle

• 30 Inch shaft length

• 30lbs thrust level 

• Quiet Operation

• Energy-efficient


2. Goplus Electric Trolling Motor 46/55/86 LBS Thrust Transom Mounted 8 Speed with Adjustable Handle

 Goplus offers three different levels of thrust. The 46 or 55 pounds of thrust level pairs with a 12-volt power system, while the 86 pounds of thrust level pairs with a 24-volt system. It is super easy to control with its 8-speed control; it has five forward speeds and three reverse speeds. Even with different speed options, it’s a smooth operation. Yes it is long-lasting, but it is not waterproof so you’d have to be careful and try not to get the aluminum top of the motor wet.


Great Features: 

• 6-inch telescoping handle

• 46, 55 & 86 thrust levels

• Smooth Operation

• 5 forward speeds & 3 reverse speeds

• Max speed of 3.2 miles per hour

• 10-point LED lights


3. Minn Kota Endura Max in Shaft Thrust Trans Mount Trolling Motor

This “Max” edition is indeed that with a reasonable price with the improvements. A cool feature that adds value to the mounted motor is the digital maximizer, which helps the battery power. This means more time on the water! This thing is quiet and powerful, all while staying cool. 


Great Features:

• Guaranteed for Life Composite Shaft

• Digital Maximizer

• Max speed of 3.5 miles per hour

• Power Prop (push through heavy vegetation for 3-1/4” motor diameters)

• Stays cool & quiet


4. Newport Vessels NV-Series 36 lb Thrust Saltwater Electric Trolling Motor

If you have a big boat, this is not the one for you! This saltwater motor is all about speed as it goes up to 6 miles per hour, along with 8-speed options. This option is popular with kayaks because it has a 30-inch long shaft and it cannot hold more than 1,400 pounds.


Great Features:

• 6-inch telescoping handle

• 6 miles per hour *** (more than the others)

• Stays cool & Quiet

• 30-inch shaft length


5. Haswing Protruar Transom Electric Trolling Motor

 This is a saltwater trolling motor and a freshwater trolling motor. Here is an easy handling motor. It can be tilted in the positioning and removal process, and the trim height can change with a lock. If you need more food control, this motor is the “step-less” adjustable speed control without interfering with anglers. It has a 24-volt motor with a led battery meter. The auto propeller can be removed if there is an incident, such as a crash.


Great Features:

• 2-year warranty 

• 25.4-inch aluminum shaft

• Max thrust 110lbs/130lbs

• SAFETY- auto propeller cut-out

• Adjustable speed 

• For freshwater & saltwater


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