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Top 10 Tackle Box Items For Anglers

Top 10 Tackle Box Items For Anglers

Every angler knows the essentials that go in a tackle box – hooks, artificial baits, corks, leaders, swivels, and excess fishing line. Without these no fishing trip would be complete. However, there are a few basic (important items) that also deserve a spot in your tackle box and are often overlooked or disregarded.

See the checklist below…

1. Ruler and Digital Lip Grip Scale

Measuring tools are especially important when minimum catch sizes and bag limits are required. A digital lip grip sale is especially necessary when you land a big one. Also, you want everyone to believe that bass you caught really weighed 10 lbs. right?

2. Fillet Knife

Almost every angler needs one of these. A sharp, rust-proof, stainless steel fillet knife is a must have to clean fish, cut line, slice up baits, open cans, etc..

3. Needle Nose Pliers

This handy tool not only helps you remove fishing hooks from the lips of fish, but serves other purposes like helping to assemble baits or pulling hooks from your own skin should an unfortunate incident occur (ouch!). Spend the extra bucks on a high-quality pair of pliers. You don’t want to be the person in the hospital with a treble hook lodged in your hand, ear or face… It happens.

4. Flashlight

This is mainly for safety and functionality. Everyone loves a good sunset outing, but when the sun goes down it can be difficult to find to find your way back.

5. Gloves

When you are handling fish, especially when you are offshore fishing, a thick pair of fishing gloves are a great way to protect against bites, cuts, scratches, scrapes, and other injuries that can inevitable when handling fish. Trust us, if you visit Venice, Louisiana and go tuna fishing you will be thankful to have a good pair of gloves.

6. Fingernail/Line Clippers

Not so much to clip your fingernails as it is to quickly clip a fishing line. Trying to bite the line is an easy way to land yourself an appointment with the dentist.

7. First Aid Kit

“Rather have and not need than need and not have.” It’s important to always carry a first aid kit in your tackle box or on the boat in case of an emergency.

8. Pain Relievers

It’s a good idea to pack pain relievers or other medications just in case a headache, stomachache or other ache hits you while you’re out at sea.

9. Sunscreen

Sunscreen is a MUST when you plan on being on the water for hours on end. Pack a high SPF and reapply throughout the day. No one wants to be the guy who looks like a lobster following a long day of fishing (ouch again).

10. Hook File

Instead of tossing your hooks when they become dull, use a hook file to sharpen and get as much use out of them as possible. This tool with save you money over time.

Now that you’ve got your tackle box checklist complete, you need to schedule a chartered fishing trip in Venice, LA! For information on our inshore or offshore fishing excursions, please give us a call at (504) 982-8862.

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