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Should You Fish in the Rain?

Should You Fish in the Rain?

Should You Fish in the Rain? 

If you’ve never fished in the rain, it might sound pretty miserable. Soaked clothes, poor visibility, and an all-around bleak environment. That being said, don’t cancel your weekend fishing trip due to a little rain just yet. 

Many anglers actually enjoy getting out on the water in the rain. And no, they don’t just like getting rained on. Fishing in the rain can actually improve performance in some unique ways that many anglers are unaware of. So, are you ready to give it a try? 

Pros and Cons of Fishing in the Rain 

I’m going to start with the cons on this one: you might get wet. Fishing in the rain will most likely involve greater logistical challenges to ensure that important equipment doesn’t get wet. It will also require you to prioritize your safety in or near water as you should never fish during a lightning storm. If the rain is falling just right though, it can be the perfect opportunity to head out and fish!

Fishing in the rain is an effective tactic on warm days when the water level is relatively low. If it’s cold out, the rain will likely just dampen your spirits without actually increasing your chances of a good catch.

Rain water creates run-off which can carry worms and other fish food into a river or stir them up throughout a body of water. This abundance of food can intrigue hiding fish to explore, providing much easier access for anglers. Another benefit is that many fish species prefer to be active in the dark rather than in the bright sun, so an overcast day may be just what they’re looking for. 

In addition to fishing in the rain, heading out right after a storm is another option if the weather is too treacherous. Rain can cool warm waters, particularly during summer months, which makes fish more likely to swim about. The heat of the sun can reduce the levels of dissolved oxygen in water, but a cool rain storm can aerate and cool the water’s surface, enticing the fish to come out for a swim. 

Tips for Fishing in the Rain 

If you’ve decided to give fishing in the rain a try, there are some respected techniques that experienced anglers have found effective in the rain. To get you started, here are 5 tips for fishing in the rain to help you make the most of foul weather. 

1. Fish the topwater

On a rainy day with no glare from the sun, topwater lures can be the perfect option. In the cooler waters that rainstorms bring, fish are more likely to explore the surface and come across your topwater bait. When rain evokes a feeding frenzy, you’ll want your lure to be right there on or just below the surface, in the middle of the action. 

2. Fish faster

Rain brings aggression when it comes to fish behavior. They feed more aggressively and roam more freely as the water cools. When they’re aggressive, it means you have to be aggressive too. Retrieving your lure more quickly during or after the rain will help match the behavior of the fish. If you’re not having much luck, try varying your speed to get a better idea of what the fish will respond to. 

3. Make a commotion

A downfall of rainy weather is decreased visibility. One tip for combatting this is to find the clearest water you can, but it isn’t always possible to find water that isn’t murky and debris-filled after rainfall. Therefore, one of the best ways to ensure you’ll get the attention of fish is to use brightly colored lures and fish them loudly. You can create noise yourself by splashing the lure into the water, or you can find lures that make noise on their own such as crankbait!

4. Follow the wind and water

Oftentimes, rain comes along with heavy winds. These can influence the water movement, currents, and the whereabouts of fish. Fishing your bait or lure along with the wind will push it towards the shoreline with all the other baitfish and shellfish that naturally occur in the water. This leads to the ultimate stormy feeding ground for fish, and your best bet at getting a bite would be in the middle of that action at the heart of the frenzy. 

5. Wear proper gear

When you’re out in the rain for long periods of time, you’ll want to wear protective gear that will keep you comfortable and most importantly, dry! Safety is of utmost importance here, so if there is heavy rain, thunder or lightning, you should wait until the storm has safely past, and then take advantage of the post-storm frenzy. 

During a lighter rain, however, wearing DWR treated, water repellent clothing can help you stay dry and stay out longer. UV protection is also important as UV rays can shine through even on a cloudy, rainy day. Our Predator X Hydro Repellent Hoodie and Shorts provide maximum sun protection while also keeping you comfortable and dry during the rain. 

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