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Repairing Grand Isle, Louisiana

Repairing Grand Isle, Louisiana

          Last year, 2020, was definitely one for the books in terms of rampant world problems.  One of those for southerners, more specifically southern Louisianians, was the massive influx of hurricanes that were pushed into the gulf and through the state.  Out of the large number of hurricanes, they had some that barely missed, some that were minor, and some that were devastating, such as Laura, that caused major damage to the city of Lake Charles.  The fifth storm of the year, Hurricane Zeta, caused many damages in the small fishing town of Grand Isle, an island at the very tip of the state reaching out into the Gulf of Mexico.  Damages to the island include damages to businesses, damages to homes, damages to camps and boats, and most critically, breaches in the levee that protects the island from the tide of the gulf.  This is causing lots of work for the island natives, and the people hired to save the town.  


Breach in the Grand Isle Levee


          While Grand Isle is not as devastated as Lake Charles, many home and camp owners have been putting in hours repairing the damages caused by the storms.  Materials such as metal, wood, and sheetrock filled the lots and roads.  Long days of shoveling sand, hammering nails, and sweating are what fill the lives of the islanders these days.  While there is much work to be done, it will be very much worth it as the people restore the island’s beauty.


Camp DamagesBreach in the Levee


          Speaking of the island’s beauty, there is a slight silver lining to the storms.  The beach of Grand Isle, a major attraction to families or people who want to have a quick get-away, has been historically small in recent years.  The distance from the levee to the water has been shrinking and shrinking, but it seems that after these storms, the beach has been restored to its true large size that it is known for; for now at least.  This has caused many people to get out and enjoy the beach, while many of them repair properties of the island along the way. The beautiful Isle will be restored soon due to the hard work of the people who keep it running today.



The beach of Grand Isle, affected by Hurricane Zeta


          According to the fishermen and fisherwomen of the island, the fish have been biting.  Ever since the storms have cleared and passed, people have been catching hoards of fish.  The species of the gulf seem to be thriving and people are having better fishing days than ever.  Be sure to get out there and enjoy some of what the beautiful island has to offer!

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