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How to Tie Fishing Line to Reel

How to Tie Fishing Line to Reel

How to Tie Fishing Line to Reel:

Here are easy steps to learn how to tie a fishing line to a reel and how to tie fishing knots. Below is a picture of a fishing reel with its parts labeled for you to look at as a reference.

1.    Make sure you have everything you need. Here’s a checklist:

                    ✓ Spinning fishing reel

                    ✓ Spinning rod

                    ✓ Fishing line spool

                    ✓ Scissors

2.    The best thing to do is to attach your reel to the rod first. You place the reel foot into the reel seat then screw it down all the way until it is tight and secured. You never want your reel loose because it can cause damage.

3.    You can slide the tip of the line through the first guide on the fishing rod.

4.    Get ready to knot the tag! Open the bail arm then use an arbor knot or uni knot. The arbor knot and uni knot is recommended when using monofilament and fluorocarbon lines. Another different type of knot you can use is an overhand knot.




5.    When the line is tied to the reel spool, close the bail. The spinning reel spins counter clockwise (to the left) so make sure that the line is going off in a counter clockwise direction as well.

6.    Pull the line through the entire reel until there is 1/8th of an inch between the line and the end of the spool. 1/8th of an inch is about the size of a nickel.


Good luck fishing, and don't forget to wear 50 UV fishing shirts to protect yourself from harmful rays. 

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