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How to Set Up a Fishing Pole

How to Set Up a Fishing Pole

How to Set Up a Fishing Pole

Here are quick and easy steps to help you set up a fishing pole. There is a video at the bottom to also teach you how to set up a fishing pole. If you need to learn how to tie a fishing line to a reel, check out our article.

1.    Connect the parts of the rod by taking the top section and joining it with the bottom section. Make sure the top fits onto the bottom, nice and firm, and that the guides are in line perfectly.

2.    Now attach your rod and reel by grabbing your reel and put it into the reel seat on the bottom of the fishing rod.

3.    Then screw it down until it is tight and secured. Find a place to lay or hold the rod while you continue the following steps.

4.    Now you can grab the line and pull it through each of the guides. You should make sure the line is running through the roller on the wheel. Also, make sure your jag is loose. It’ll help it from tangling.

5.    Just like before you will grab the line on the rod and thread the tip of the rod through the guides.

6.    Grab the end of the line and attach the tackle. The simplest way is to attach a hook to the end of the line.

7.    Thread the line through the eyelet or eye of the hook at the end of the fish hook, like you would a needle.

8.    Pull it back on itself about 6 inches. You’ll hold one hand on the line and use your thumb and pointer finger to hold the eyelet.

9.    You will then wrap the line around your thumb and the main fishing line three times.

10. Take the last bit of line to thread through the three loops. To do this, you should slowly grab the loops with your other hand then slide your fingers out of the way.

b.    When you put the line through the loop, pull that line in the direction of the main fishing line and pull the line to clinch the knot.

11. After it has a tiny knot, pull the main line to bring the knot to the hook.

12. Cut off the extra line.

13. Now you can put on the weights. To do this, go down about 12 to 18 inches on the line. You can clamp or squeeze them onto the line. There are no rules to how many weights you can use. Just think about the bait you’re using, the distance you want to cast it out and how safe you want it to stay on the bottom.

You set up your fishing pole, but do you know what fishing gear, fishing lure, and fishing reel to have or even what fishing techniques to use to catch fish? You have to think about the type of fish you are trying to catch and what water you're fishing in, then you can think about the best lures, reels and techniques.

Learn more about the different types of fishing reels.

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To learn more about different types of fish and tips on how to catch fish, go to

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