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How and When To Use A Spinnerbait

How and When To Use A Spinnerbait

How and When to use a Spinnerbait

Spinnerbaits are a specific type of fishing lure. It features at least one metal blade which spins around in circles, kind of like a propeller, as the lure moves about in the water.

As the lure spins, it creates vibrations that mimic the feeling of prey that larger fish eat. Spinnerbaits also create a flash of light under the water. Combined, the vibrations and the light from the spinnerbait attract larger fish to the lure.

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A spinnerbait is commonly used to catch larger freshwater fish, like bass. Anglers who use this type of lure say that it’s highly effective. They also say that there is nothing quite like the feeling that you get when a fish hits the bait.

On the other side of things, novice and even some experienced fishermen avoid using spinnerbaits because they aren’t confident in their abilities.

This type of lure can also be a little bit intimidating.

If you’re interested in upping your fishing game, you should consider using a spinnerbait lure. If you’ve never used one before, here are some tips to keep in mind that will help you use it the right way.

How to Use a Spinnerbait

If you’re going to use a spinnerbait, it’s absolutely essential that you ensure the lure is properly rigged.

That means that you have to select the right rod and reel. You want to choose a rod that is long enough so that you can achieve a long cast.

The tip of the rod should be a semi-soft tip so that you can get the spinnerbait to work the right way.

For the reel, you want to select something that is fast enough to retrieve the bait so that it will remain on the top of the surface of the water.

Once you’ve got the right rod and reel, and your spinnerbait is secured, you’re ready to start fishing!

To use this bait effectively, you want to make sure that you get a long cast. Spinnerbaits work best when they are given a good bit of distance while casting.

Ideally, you should try to reach between 50 and 75 yards with your cast. At that distance, you will be able to work the bait so that it will do what it’s intended to do: attract fish.

After you cast, move your wrist back and forth. Doing so changes the movement of the bait, which increases the vibration and the flashes of light that the lure creates.

It’s important to note that you want to move the bait about, otherwise, it won’t serve its intended purpose.

Think like the fish you are targeting. If you’re aiming for a bass, for example, you’ll want to mimic the presentation of an injured bait fish at the surface of the water. Flick your wrist back and forth, then stop moving to allow the bait to drop a bit, and then start retrieving the bait.

The more that you mimic the actions of a bait fish, the greater the likelihood of catching a fish will be.

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