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Green Worms. What Are You Catchin?

Green Worms. What Are You Catchin?

Green Worms, What are You Catching?

Every fisherman knows that worms are among the best bait you can use to lure in virtually any type of fish. Various species of both freshwater and marine fish are attracted to those creepy crawlies and many of them bite as soon as they see them squirming about; but unbeknownst to the fish, those worms are attached to a hook, and as soon as they take a bite, their ensnared on the hook.

That might be bad news for the fish, but it is definitely great news for the fisherman.

There are so many different types of bait fish available. Recently, there seems to be a huge influx in green worms. If you have been in a bait shop recently, you’ve probably noticed bright green worms crawling about.

What are they and what type of fish can you catch with them? Well answer these
questions below.

What are Green Worms?

No, a new species of worms hasn’t emerged. Green worms are nothing more than your standard bait worms (typically nightcrawlers) that have been dyed green. The dye is vibrant in color, giving the worms an unmistakable hue.

Depending on the type of dye that was used, the worms will retain their green
coloring for about two to three weeks. Changes in their bedding and what they eat can decrease the length of time the green color lasts.

What’s the purpose of the green dye? It does two things:
1. It makes the worms more noticeable. That bright green color is very eye-catching and will draw the attention of fish from miles away.
2. It makes them more nutrient-rich. The more nutrients the worms contain, the more fish are going to be drawn to them.

What Type of Fish can you Catch with Green Worms?

Fishing with green worms can do a world of good for your fishing game.

But what type of fish can you catch with these chartreuse colored creepy crawlies?

Believe it or not, you can catch many different species of fish with green worms.

Here’s a look at some of the different types of fish you might be able to lure and reel in you bait your hooks with green worms:

This is just a small sampling of the different species of fish that you can catch with green worms. In fact, many anglers have reported that they notice a sizeable difference in their hauls when they bait their hooks with green worms.

Should You Give Green Worms a Try?

So, should you try out those green worms that you’ve seen in the bait shop? Why not! Given the fact that their bright color and more nutrient-dense profile attracts more fish, coupled with the fact that many anglers report that they have noticed a huge difference in the amount of catches that they make, it is certainly worth a shot.

So, go ahead and hook your line with some green worms and see what you can reel in! 


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