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Fishing in the Heat

Fishing in the Heat

Fishing is a great way to get out there and enjoy yourself, and of course it is in our blood, but when it gets to an extremely high temperature, some things need to be done in order to achieve success.  As well as success, it is important to take these measures for the sake of your health.  The sun is great and provides life, but if you don’t keep yourself cool and stay hydrated, it can cause some problems.  In this blog, we will go over the steps needed to be successful when the water is getting hot, and the precautions needed to keep yourself healthy in the heat!




First, let’s talk about preparation.  There are a few important things to bring when fishing in extreme temperatures. Starting with basics, you will definitely need water to stay hydrated.  If your body doesn’t get enough fluids, you will become dehydrated and suffer from heat exhaustion, or much worse.  Also, you will need either a 50 UV fishing shirt (preferably long sleeve) or sunscreen to protect you from the rays.  Personally, I don’t enjoy the feeling of sunscreen, so I would recommend a long sleeve fishing shirt to protect your skin from the sun rays.  As well as your skin on your body, your eyes also need protection from the sun.  Long exposure to your eyes from sun rays can cause damage and fatigue.  A good way to combat this is by wearing sunglasses or a hat.  The hat will also keep the top of your head from being burned, yes, even if you have hair, your scalp will still burn!



Let’s next talk about tactics to use when fishing in the extreme heat!  The first step in most cases will be to find some shade to fish in. When the water gets hot, fish such as bass migrate to shaded areas like docks, overhanging trees, and other places to protect themselves from the harmful sun rays.  Fishing in the shade will give you a major advantage when fishing in the heat. A good tactic to use is to try to fish near vegetation.  Bass and other similar fish will hangout near there when it is hot.



Second, it is important to hustle!  When fishing in the heat, according to experts, fish will swim much faster to keep their metabolism up. So in this case, you should be fishing faster than usual to keep up with the speed of the fish.  As well as that, be sure to look for the currents.  Just like humans use AC in the heat, fish tend to swim in faster moving water.  If you see a current, try to fish in or near it for the best success rate in the heat.  



Following this advice when fishing in the heat will definitely help with success and most importantly, safety.  While many fishermen agree with the advice in this blog, there will always be ones that swear by other ways.  It is important to try different things in different situations, but all of the advice here will surely be a good start when fishing in the heat!

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