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Eight Different Types Of Fishing Reels

Eight Different Types Of Fishing Reels

When Choosing Fishing Reels:

It is very important that you choose a fishing reel that is well-matched with your rod and fishing line. Just like you want to perfectly match with your significant other, you want to match the type of reel with your rod and line. Look for one that is durable and best suits your skill level. If you’re new to this sport, I suggest starting with a spincast and spinning reels, instead of a baitcasting reel. You do not want to buy a reel that is meant for more experienced fishermen. Just practice with the reels that are easier to learn on then you will be able to move up to a baitcasting reel or whichever you prefer.

8 Types of Fishing Reels:

There are three main fishing reels are spincast, spinning and baitcasting, but I will discuss five more reels that fit in those three main categories. I hope you find the perfect reel!

Spin Casting Reels

Hey Newbie, over here. Pick Me! This one is for less experienced or new fishermen. These are easy to use and set up for all-ages. Being a closed face reel, there is a plastic cover to shield the line to keep the line from entangling, and a side button on the reel that gives you a tad bit of freedom when casting out. All you do is press the button and relax because it will unspool itself; you don’t have to hold the line. It can’t be perfect. Although there are seldom problems, a downside is that the line could have twisting issues.

Top Pick: Zebco Omega Spincast Reel

Spinning Reels

Simple to use and versatile which is why these open faced reels perform well in different angling locations. Spinning reels sit below, parallel to the rod. For this reel, you just move the bail arm to the open position, then your line will unwind. Unlike the spincast reel, for the spinning reel you should keep a finger on the open line when getting ready to cast. Also, if you want to change the drag, the “drag adjustment is at the front of the reel.” Spinning reels are great to cast lighter baits a long distance.

If you compare the spinning reel to the spincast and baitcasting reels, the spinning reel is more precise than the spincast reel, but the spinning reel is not as strong so it “can’t handle super-heavy line.” However, the spinning reel is simpler to use than the baitcasting reel with good line capacity and no backlash.

Top Pick for a Long Cast: Penn Spinfisher V SSV 7500 Long Cast Reel


Baitcasting Reels

This reel is for more experienced anglers because this reel requires more manual control than spinning reels. This reel does not release the line on its own. The user must practice having a gentle touch when stopping the line as the lure hits the water because if he or she doesn’t, it can cause a jumbled knot in the line. Baitcasting reels are set perpendicularly and use the weight of a lure to drive the line. If you love fishing, this reel is for you. If done properly, this reel can offer a lot of control and accuracy. It is best used in “small, remote areas when you need to accurately cast out.” You can trust this this reel to bring your lure back quickly.

Top Pick: Abu Garcia Black Max Low Profile

Surf Fishing Reels

Saltwater lovers? This is the reel for you! The surf fishing reel is made for saltwater fishing. These reels are designed with corrosion-resistant coating protects it from damage due to saltwater exposure. Typically, surf reels feature sealed ball bearings and other sealed elements to avoid sand and salt buildup.

Although you can use different reels for surf fishing, the spinning reels are the used the most because of its ability to cast baits very far without exerting much energy. This is a essential when inshore fishing.

Top Pick: SeaKnight Rapid Saltware Reel

Off Shore Reels

Here is another saltwater resistant reel! Whether offshore or inshore fishing for big game, you cannot escape the oceans corrosive nature. Offshore and inshore fishing has one big difference: the depth of the water.

When offshore fishing, you can go out 10 miles or even 100 miles. You will need strong offshore reels to catch the bigger fish. These reels have “a power capacity within a range of 20-50 pounds.” Most fisherman use baitcasting reels for offshore fishing, instead of spinning reels. But remember to choose the reel that best matches your skill level.

Top Pick: KastKing Rover Round Baitcasting Reel

Fly Fishing Reels

Fly fishing reel are a must have when fly fishing. These reels really help balance a fly rod out. They can be built pre-cast or machined. Pre-cast is usually heavier and less tough; this option is better for people with a budget. Machined reels are made of metal, which helps its longevity. You can buy fly fishing reels made with anodized aluminum, which is great for fishing in freshwater and saltwater. When fly fishing drag systems are important. The reel can have a click and pawl system or a disc drag system. The click and pawl system is less expensive and less efficient, and the disc drag system is smooth and effective, which explains why it is the most popular modern system.

Top Pick: Redington Behemoth Fly Reel

Trolling Reels

We’re trolling… trolling… trolling on the river. No casting here, these trolling reels are made to trail the bait behind the boat. They are made from graphite, with large handles and feet, hard drag systems and bait clicker alarms. These are larger reels, which means there’s room for more line. Also, it is really important you buy a trolling rod to go with the trolling reels. You need the package for successful fishing!

Top Pick: Shimano Tekota 300 Conventional Trolling Reel


Center Pin Reels

If you’re new to fishing and/or on a budget, this is not the reel for you. Although it has a simplistic design, it is a tad hard to cast. It requires some manual labor; you need to move the line around. The technique is comparable to technique used for baitcasting reels. Since the center pin reels take up more space than other reels, it is better to use a 10 to 12 feet pole. Although “the free spinning action of the reel makes it easier to maintain line without loops,” this reel does not have a drag system. This makes a big catch an even bigger deal.

Top Pick: Sougayilang Fly Fishing Reel


Most Forgotten Gear

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