Chili Rubbed Mahi

Chili Rubbed Mahi


Courtesy of Our friends at VSC Clean Kitchen. We would like to share with you an excellent, and super simple recipe for your fresh caught mahi (dolphin).

This is a simple recipe for chili rubbed fish. All you do is sprinkle the seasonings and broil it! I usually use this rub on salmon, but I also use it on white fish like Mahi Mahi pictured here.


  • chili powder
  • paprika
  • onion powder
  • garlic powder
  • salt
  • Olive Oil spray for finish




Preheat broiler on low. Set rack in middle of oven. If you have a second rack, I use this to roast asparagus while the fish cooks under the broiler. Why asparagus? Because its fast to bake and I like a little crunch on mine.


Eyeball all the seasonings. I first lightly salt the fish.

saltfishThen coat is with the rest of the seasonings. I go heavy on the chili powder! Then spray tops of seasoned fish with olive oil spray.

seasonfishPlace fish on top rack. Broil for about 4-5 min, then switch broiler to high. Broil until fish is done, maybe another 4 minutes, depending on the fish. You can start with broiler on high if you have thinner fish filets. You will get the crunchy rub without overcooking your fish.


broilTop finished fish with store bought pico de gallo!


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If you like this and want more recipes for your fresh caught fish. Let us know on social media, and we'll come back with a recipe for your favorite fish!


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