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5 Saltwater Fish That Put Up a Good Fight

5 Saltwater Fish That Put Up a Good Fight

Just because it’s a chartered offshore fishing trip, doesn’t mean you’re going to have it easy! Depending on the type of fish you hook, you could be in for a real challenge where muscle and endurance are required. Here are five saltwater fish that are sure to put up a good fight on rod and reel…

Mahi Mahi: This beautifully colored fish in tones of yellow, blue, and green with speckles of red is found all around the world and prefers to swim at the surface around floating objects. Average sizes range anywhere from 15 to 29 pounds, allowing one to think Mahi Mahi would be an easy catch. Well, think again. One this feisty fish is on the line, expect a serious challenge as Mahi Mahi travel at speeds over 50 mph and jump repeatedly through the air.

Wahoo: Known as one of the fastest fish in the sea (traveling at speeds over 60 mph!), wahoo also have razor sharp teeth and aggressive habits, making them a worthy opponent and prize catch. Wahoo are elongated and covered with small, scarcely visible scales with an iridescent blue back, slivery sides, and an irregular pattern of vertical blue bars and weigh up to 183 pounds. Gear fishing and fast trolling are two of the preferred methods for catching Wahoo.

Tuna: An active and agile predator, the tuna has a sleek, streamlined body, and is among the fastest-swimming pelagic fish traveling at speeds up to 47 mph. Found around the world in warm, deep offshore waters, Tuna prefer to swim in schools with similarly sized companions. Yellowfin and Bluefin are considered some of the top game fish in the world largely due to their speed and strength when fought on rod and reel. Once hooked, expect a good fight anywhere from 30 minutes to several hours!

Marlin: Thanks to the speed, endurance, and leaping ability of Marlin, they are considered by many as the ultimate catch. Found all over the world, Marlin are extremely fast swimmers traveling at speeds over 50 mph. The four species of marlin include black, blue, white, and striped, with blue and white Marlin being the two most popular in sports fishing. These beasts are not easy to hook, but once you do, expect an experience of a lifetime.

Amberjack: Amberjack are fast-swimming pelagic fish, well-known in the sports fishing arena as one of the greatest fighting fish pound for pound. They are aggressive predators that travel both solo and in small groups prowling the water column for a wide variety of fish such as herring, scads, and little tunny. Greater amberjack are found Gulf wide, nearshore waters and depths of 300 feet or deeper. They are typically found closer to land near reefs, wreckage, artificial reefs in the southern part of the Gulf and in deeper waters near oil rigs and gas platforms in the northern part of the Gulf. They put up a really good fight with their endurance and stamina, so prepare yourself for a challenge.

Be ready for the challenge on your next offshore or inshore adventure.

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